Help With Business Insurance Claims

Are you currently enduring fire, flood or any other type of damage to your business / commercial property? If so, we know that it can have disastrous consequences to your business. Additionally, we understand that it is imperative that your insurance claim is settled and that your business premises is repaired as soon as possible so that you can start trading again.

Public Loss Adjusters Ireland will work for you with urgency, so that your business can get back up and running as quickly as possible, whilst still maintaining our high levels of professionalism.

We will do this by keeping the pressure up on your insurer whilst negotiating a fair settlement with them. This will help eliminate any unnecessary hold ups with your claims proceedings.

Insurance Appointed Loss Adjuster Or One That Is Independent?

For you to be well prepared in the event of damage and business interruption to your commercial property, you need to ensure you have a valid and relevant insurance policy. Having paid for this service through your insurer or broker, you would expect that when you need to claim for business / commercial damages it would be straightforward?

The bad news however may be that, without our professional help and advice, you will have to endure a lengthy and stressful claims process, as well as attempting to support yourself, your family and even your staffing costs of your employees that will rely on you pay their wages to support their own families.

This long and painful process is because of your insurance company appointing a loss adjusting company to assess your damage and situation. These loss adjusters who are appointed by your insurance company may tell you that they are separate however just think, who is paying their wages ? Are they protecting your interests or the insurance company's?

Once the appointed loss adjuster has perform their assessment, your insurance company will then present you with an offer that they feel is reasonable. However what they think is reasonable, may be miles away from what you think is an appropriate and accurate final settlement.

Claims We Cover

We can help if you have experienced a fire, flood, escape of water, storm, impact, theft or subsidence damage event in your business property.

Maximum Settlement

We can manage the whole process and work with you to ensure that you receive the full maximum settlement of your claim.

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