Customer Testimonials

Thank you to PLA Ireland and their team for their speedy resolution to our flood claim. We had a very speedy resolution of our claim - eight weeks from start to finish! We received advance payments to get our house and lives back in order, so we could live comfortably after the flood.

A number of houses in the area were flooded, so the insurers were struggling to keep up with the demand of flood claims in my area. However, I was lucky enough to appoint PLA as my loss adjuster. They dealt with the insurer entirely on my behalf - I did not have to deal with the insurance company as everything went through PLA.

The entire process was completely stress-free for me, while I heard from others in my area that their claims were difficult and time-consuming. My claim, on the other hand, was resolved in half the time as most of the other claims in my area. I am very happy that I chose this loss adjuster.

Wendy McDonald – Tallaght
Thomas Hopkins – Carbury

I am a landlord with properties around County Kildare. On one of my properties, I had a burst pipe, which caused significant damage to the bathroom and landing area. After making contact with Tony from PLA Ireland, he worked to ensure that I gained the best possible settlement from my insurer.

I thought that the damage would be close to impossible to repair, but Tony was helpful and assured me that the damage was well within their abilities. He wasn't wrong, as the bathroom and landing in my property now look better than ever thanks to their restoration.

I will now use PLA Ireland for all damages that occur to my properties.

When the loss adjusters came and restored my house after serious flooding, I could finally focus on re-decorating my house. I received an excellent settlement from the claim thanks to PLA. I was very pleased with the speed at which they resolved my claim.

They were excellent in helping me restore my life back to normal. I would highly recommend them in future.

Tom Kilbride – Maynooth
Brendan Power - Clane

I had a small chimney fire at home. I was advised by a friend to contact PLA Ireland, whom I contacted soon after it happened.

PLA showed professionalism and were able to deal with my insurer on my behalf, which made the claims process much easier and hassle-free for me. The claim was around €15,000 from sustaining serious smoke damage, so everything had to be thrown away or replaced. This naturally worried me, but PLA Ireland reassured me that everything was able to be replaced or repaired efficiently.

They got me a very speedy settlement after the fire and I was able to afford a redecoration back to the standard I am used to.