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Here at Public Loss, we believe that when you need to make a property insurance claim, your interests must come first. We provide insurance claim help and advice to ensure that when you do make a claim, you know exactly what you are entitled to.

Did you know that when your property suffers from an insured event, your insurer will usually send out THEIR own loss adjuster to assess the damage? You have the right to appoint YOUR own independent loss adjuster to work on your behalf instead of your insurers.

Who Are Public Loss

We are a loss adjusting group who offer a professional insurance claims management service, dedicated to providing a wide range of services in order to take the pressure off the policyholder. We specialise in fire, flood, water, impact, subsidence, escape of water and theft damage insurance claims.

Our claims handlers have acquired an extensive knowledge of the insurance industry over a number of years. We are here not only to assist you, but to also advise you of the best course of action you could take.

We Work For YOU, Not The Insurer

Public Loss work directly for the policyholder instead of the insurer. Our qualified and experienced insurance claims handlers will provide professional advice in order to safeguard you from any problems you may encounter.

We act as your experienced representative, efficiently working in your best interests to make sure that you achieve your full entitlement under the terms and conditions of your policy.

Professional and highly rated loss adjusters

Our highly rated professionals come from a variety of backgrounds which helps us to provide a diverse and experienced service. Each of our claims handlers have personal strengths of knowledge within the insurance industry and this allows us to select the best team in order to suit each individual claim.

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