Help With Flood Insurance Claims

If water has damaged your property during a flood or leak, Public Loss can help you with flood claim help and advice We will ensure that you are fully equipped with expert knowledge on the correct way to deal with your insurer. As insurance claims management experts we will also give you the opportunity to allow us to manage every aspect of your flood insurance claim on your behalf to ensure you receive all that you are entitled to from your insurance provider.

Water and flood damage can demolish a whole property as well as its contents, and therefore can leave your possessions unusable. Due to your possessions being damaged it can be an enormous shock to your system and be difficult to fully overcome.

The sequence of events during a flood is complex and can damage the structures of your property, this is something that will have to be repair with a large scale clean-up operation before any reinstatement work is even considered.

Public Loss Adjusters Are Here To Help

After experiencing the after effects of a flood, the last thing you need is to have to negotiate with your insurer in order for them to accept the agreement stated in the policies terms and conditions. At Public Loss our professionals have decades of experience negotiating with insurance companies in Ireland and the United Kingdom and know exactly what is expected from them within the contract between both parties.

Moreover, when you suffer from flood damage, instead of instantly taking the word of the loss adjuster appointed and paid for by your insurer, why not let Public Loss work on your behalf instead? Why settle for less when you could settle for you full entitlement instead?

Once Public Loss Adjusters Have Been Appointed, We Can:
  • Organise for your damaged property do be boarded up
  • Work with your insurance company on your behalf
  • Present a correctly documented quantified claim to your insurance provider based on your entitled amount.
  • Handle your insurance claim from the start to the finish
  • You will receive full support from all of our qualified team

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