How To Make A Property Insurance Claim

When it comes to insurance claims, it can be a very complicated process. This process can be made much easier by Public Loss We have years of experience in claims management and assessing property damage fairly. We know every necessary action to take so that the policyholder can gain a fair and successful settlement.

What Should You Do When Claiming For Damages?
  1. Collect all possible details of the damages
  2. Contact your insurance company
  3. In full detail, explain the situation and how the damages occurred. Make sure that you admit of you are not sure of any particular details – it is better to not be sure than to guess and estimate
  4. Contact Public Loss to represent you
  5. Take pictures of any damage and make notes of the damaged items
  6. Wait for one of our professionals to come and assess the damage
  7. When our assessor arrives, we will discuss what will happen next and how your claim will be processed and managed
  8. As your claim is being dealt with, we will contact you regarding any updates in terms of your claim reaching its final settlement


Our loss adjusters work for you, not on behalf of your insurance company. This ensures that you get a fair settlement at the end of your claim. We will also check through every single little detail of your insurance policy in order to see what damage falls within the terms and conditions.


We ensure that the maximum payout is enough to cover ALL of the damages that have occurred to your property. If you want a company who works solely to earn you the best possible results in terms of a settlement, Public Loss can help you.

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