We Offer A Full Property Insurance Claims Management Service

Offering Claims Management To Protect YOUR Interests

Public Loss Adjusters offer an expert insurance claims management service designed to work in your favour rather than your insurer's. What this means for you is that you won’t have to worry yourself about the potentially difficult process of property damage claims whist knowing that you have an assessor on your side to protect your interests.

First, it is vital that you call us as soon as you discover the property damage – this will result in us being able to collect your full insurance details so we are able to manage your claim correctly and efficiently. We can also offer help and advice in terms of what you can do whilst you’re waiting for the process of your property’s repair to be completed.

We aim to have your claim completed as soon as possible without compromising the first class service that we will provide. From the original telephone call to negotiating with your insurer, we are here to make sure that you receive the best possible settlement within the confinements of your policy. We are public assessors, with you every step of the way working on your behalf.

We Will Handle Your Insurance Claim Entirely On Your Behalf

Once you sign a mandate to allow us to work on your behalf, if you have not already been in touch with your insurer, we can inform them of the circumstances that have occurred. Usually your insurer will appoint one of their own loss adjusters to evaluate any damage and then recommend what they believe it’s worth.

Public Loss Adjusters can arrange for one of our insurance assessors to do exactly the same but working with your interest in mind instead of your insurers. Our property damage assessment experts will make sure that the initial report of all damages internally and externally have been correctly documented.

Furthermore, when the insurer’s loss adjuster asks questions about the property’s condition, we can be the people who answer these questions for you. After the meeting that was arranged between the insurer’s loss adjuster and us, we will help you to list and document accurately all items damaged in the accident so that the full value of the damage is made up to you in your final settlement.

When utilising our insurance claims management services, the whole process of making a claim looks simple. We take responsibility for all communications with the insurer and we will retain this responsibility until you sign the claim off, being fully satisfied with the outcome.

Claim Completion

We aim to have your claim completed within three months, with all payments being made at the end of the claim.

Simple Process

When you use our claims management service it makes the whole process of making a claim look simple.

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