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How Much Does It Cost To Employ A Loss Adjuster To Work On Your Behalf?

When you have been unfortunate to have suffered from damage to your residential or commercial property, in most cases Public Loss Adjusters.com will work hard for you and achieve a better claims settlement than you would be able to alone.

Why suffer the inconvenience of trying to deal with a lengthy claims process trying to negotiate with your insurance company when we can do it for you?

We do not have the same agenda as the insurer’s loss adjusters – we are not paid to save the insurers money. At Public Loss Adjusters.com, we represent the policyholder only and not the insurer. We charge a 10% plus VAT fee on your claims settlement, negotiable depending on the size of your claim.

Public Loss Adjusters are authorised and regulated through the FCA and The Central Bank of Ireland to manage clients money. We do not charge any upfront fees as these are deducted from your final settlement once your insurer has settled the claim.

We offer a loss adjusting service provided to you on an unbiased and impartial basis – rather than your insurer’s loss adjuster deciding the outcome, wouldn’t you prefer to have the outcome assessed independently? This ensures that not only are your interests put first, they are paramount.

Simple Process

We can make the whole insurance claims process easier for you by taking all of the hassle off your shoulders.

Tailored Service

We offer a loss adjusting service provided to you with a tailored approach. This ensures that your interests are put first.

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