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Public Loss Adjusters.com work on your behalf to ensure that you receive your full entitlement of your claim under the terms and conditions of your insurance policy. We can manage the whole process for you, leaving you with a stress-free and no-hassle claim.

Should you appoint us as your professional advisors and you have signed the mandate which authorises us to act on your behalf in relation to the insurance claim, it is very important that we deal with all aspects of the claim. This avoids any misunderstandings and any conflicts which may occur between you and your insurance company.

As part of this mandate, you will have given your insurers specific instructions to deal with Public Loss Adjusters.com on your behalf and your insurers must advice any intermediaries of our appointment and deal with us in all circumstances. If any queries are raised, we will obtain the answers from you and present the information provided to your insurers’ representative. We keep records of all communication throughout any claim.

If anyone from the insurance company, or representing the insurer, contacts you via email, telephone, or letter, it is important that you refer them to us by informing them that you have appointed Public Loss Adjusters.com as your chartered loss adjusters and that we are now dealing with the claim on your behalf, therefore all queries or conversations should be addressed to Public Loss Adjusters.com.

CBI Regulated

As a CBI regulated firm, we ensure that the claim is dealt with under strict compliance of ICOBS 8.1.1, which states that insurers must treat a policyholder promptly and fairly.

Handy Tip

PLEASE NOTE: Any attempt to not follow these instructions may lead to you being asked to accept a cash settlement offer which is much lower than what you are entitled to.

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